Binary Core

Our team

Here we are: a young and motivated team of specialized engineers led by our CEO Prof. Spalvieri. Opened to the newest development in the field, we can be at your side from the concept trough all the steps needed to hit your target.
Reliability, experience and a customer-oriented approach: this is our vision.

  • Prof. Arnaldo Spalvieri

    is associate professor at Politecnico di Milano where he Currently teaches courses in "Communications Systems", and "Digital Transmissions". He has held consulting positions in leading telecommunication companies over the past twenty years, focusing his activity on algorithms for mo-demodulation of digital signals.
  • Ing. Simone Gambarotta

    studied at Politecnico di Milano where it took its Telecommunication Engineer master degree in 2008. Since then he worked as Research Fellow in the telecommunication field where he specialized in Point to Point radiolink. Since 2012 he is partner at Binary Core, where he specialized in FPGA algorithm design for efficient signal processing. Currently he works on SoC sytems and Embedded Linux.
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  • Ing. Simone Pecorino

    after obtaining his Telecommunication Engineering master degree in 2012 at Politecnico di Milano, he carried out the PhD reaserch activities about Bayesian tracking methods for telecommunication systems. Since 2015, he is working at Binary Core as FPGA designer with focus on signal processing algorithms, radiolinks and multiprotocol bridging systems at physical layer.
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  • Ing. Federico Bergamelli

    graduated at Politecnico di Milano in Telecommunication Engineering, he has worked as FPGA designer in broadcast companies focusing his activity on both DSP algorithms development and IP integration. He has also held on-site consulting positions for both CPRI specification FPGA implementation and overall system validation.
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