Binary Core

Our services

Focus on FPGA

Whether your target is maximum performance or cost and power efficiency, as an Altera DSN and Xilinx Alliance program members we can fulfill your requirements.

What we can do for you

  • In-depth analysis of your requirements
  • Functional definition
  • Support in technology selection
  • Algorithm definition and simulation
  • RTL encoding
  • Timing and Power optimization
  • Debug and Assistance

Focus on On-Site Consulting

Are you facing an unexpected peak workload? Are you looking for a specialized assistance to cope with complex algorithm design and lab testing?
Stay focused on your target: we can be at your side, sharing ideas with competence and passion.

Focus on IoT & Telemetry

In recent times embedded systems and distributed sensors are permeating our lives with inconceivable applications, pushed by low cost, high efficient hardware availability.

Being closely related to the academic world, we are up to date with the newest developments in the fields and actively involved in European research programs.

We do prototyping for

  • Embedded systems based on COTS hardware
  • Machine to Machine Telemetry based on Cloud standards (MQTT, CoAp)
  • Multi Sensor data synchronization

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