Binary Core

Our products

As a result of years of research and cooperation with top-notch players in the Radiolink and Broadcasting sectors, Binary Core developed two ecosystems of ready-made, specialized ip-cores. Along with those cores, we do provide a full set of common building blocks such as controllable DUC and DDC, digital filters and channel coding.
All our cores can be customized on request and adapted to any selected FPGA brand.

IP-Cores for Point to Point Radiolinks

Through successful cooperation with leading sector companies, Binary Core developed a full ecosystem of IP-Cores related to the Point to Point Radiolink market area. Based on the ideas of innovation, reliability and efficiency those cores are the perfect starting point for anyone targeting a short time to market perspective.

Our solutions include

IP-Cores for Radio and TV Broadcasting

In the last few years we worked alongside some of the most relevant Italian and international companies in the Radio and TV Broadcasting sector. Today we can offer a set of ready made IP-cores which cover some of the most common needs.

Our solutions include

IoT case Studies

IoT Sensor Ecosystem for Avionics

A leading company in the Avionics field demanded for a proof of concept of a challenging system based on COTS hardware with high-end features in term of connectivity, reliability and synchronization. After a preliminar research about the state of the art in filed of mission critical IoT, we started the development of a dual-gateway, multi-sensor system offering full WiFi and ZigBee connectivity towards two different sensors classes and redundant connectivity towards the virtual cockpit. The communication between gateways, sensors and the cockpit has been based on standard MQTT assisted by a dual REDIS database configuration thus allowing for easy information storage and retrieval. We provided the system with a centralized, FTP accessible, diagnostic and log collector for easy fault management and with a web GUI for easy data visualization. Being configured as stratum one, GPS assisted NTP servers, both gateway allow for fine-grain timestamping synchronization. Finally, the dual-gateway structure, enhanced with a master-slave relationship, ensures protection against hardware and software failures.

Remote Drone Command and Monitoring

In the context of a European Project led by Politecnico di Milano, as a Politecnico di Milano spinoff we are partnering a Master Thesis whose main target is to achieve secure remote drone control and monitoring through multi channel LTE. We are currently supporting the development of a proof of concept system based on commercial hardware (RPI3) and standard open source software (Linux, MQTT) for remote telemetry acquisition and display and for remote drone photo and thermal camera control (live preview, remote picture shooting).